To Tell the Truth – Revelation 10

by Pastor John Fredericksen

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To Tell The Truth” is an American game show. A panel of celebrities try to identify a contestant who has an unusual experience or occupation. This contestant is required to tell the truth when questioned, but he is flanked by two imposters who are permitted to lie.

Revelation 10 does not contain the seventh trumpet of judgment because there will be an interruption in the dispensing of these judgments until Revelation 11:15. However, there are three things of note in this chapter. First, “another mighty angel” (vs. 1) is sent from heaven. Some believe this is the Lord Jesus Christ because the angel is clothed with a cloud, has a rainbow on His head, and has feet as pillars of fire. He also has the book no man or angel was worthy to open. These are all things identified with God, representing majesty, mercy, judgment, or worthiness. Others point out he is called an “angel,” linking him to the six angels with six trumpets. He swears an oath to the Lord Jesus, the creator of all things (vs. 6). We simply don’t know who this angel is. Second, while others lie in the Tribulation, he has an announcement of solemn truth: “there should be time no longer” (vs. 6). The meaning here is that there will be no more delay in avenging the martyred saints or in pouring out God’s wrath. The time for both has come. Third, this messenger takes “the little book,” gives it the Apostle John, and tells him to eat it (vs. 9). While this book specifically contains previously unrevealed prophecy about the judgments of the Tribulation, it also represents the written Word of God as a whole. Jeremiah figuratively said he ate God’s Word (Jeremiah 15:16), and the Lord told Ezekiel, “open thy mouth and eat what I give thee” (Ezekiel 2:8). John then sees a book written by God. It was important for the Apostle John to eat this book because he “must [continue to] prophecy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings” (vs. 11). He would not be prepared to so minister until consuming the Word.

We are to tell the truth of God’s Word to others, but we will be unprepared until we consume it only for ourselves. We are to figuratively eat it, and then we have a moral obligation to share It’s truths with others who do not yet understand them. Look for someone in your path today with whom you can share divine truth you are learning from Scripture.

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