Out of Print Books and Booklets by C.R. Stam

These books and booklets were written by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam and were published for many years by the Berean Bible Society.  They are now out of print and we do not have plans to reprint them, but we are happy to provide them as free downloads in PDF format.

Special thanks to Tony and Barb D’Ambrosio for seeing the need to keep these important works available and all their efforts to create these files.


Suggestions For Young Pastors

The Epistle to the Hebrews — Who Wrote It And Why?

Satan in Derision


The Abiding Trinity

The Ant and the Raven

The Apostolic Authority of the Twelve

The Charismatic Movement — A Personal Testimony

Courage For the Conflict

The Dimensions of the Mystery

False Teachers

God and Man

God’s Eternal Purpose

How and When?

Just Asking

The Justice of God and Fear of God and Faith in Christ

Methuselah and Paul

Now Is the Time

Standing, Walking and Running with Paul

The Temple of God

Truth Aflame

Undiluted Wrath and Undiluted Grace

Weekly Bible Classes

When the Lord Became Angry