Jaw Dropping – Revelation 11:1-11

by Pastor John Fredericksen

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Under Hitler’s reign in Germany, the Jews faced growing hatred. They were required to wear a yellow star. They were blamed for crime, disease, and the financial problems of the nation. They became so hated that even children threw rocks, and cheered when they were deported to concentration camps. Millions were starved, forced into slave labor, medically experimented on, or slaughtered. When liberated by the Allies, even battle-hardened soldiers wept at the jaw-dropping atrocities they discovered.

The events that will unfold during the second woe pronounced by an angel announcing the trumpet judgments will be jaw dropping (Revelation 11:1-11). The Apostle John was told to measure a Jewish temple in Jerusalem. The Anti-Christ, who will rise to power at the beginning of these seven years, will make it possible for Jews to rebuild their temple through a covenant of peace with Israel. This temple must be rebuilt to fulfill the prophecy of the Anti-Christ desecrating the temple and demanding he be worshipped (Daniel 9:26-27). Two witnesses for God, likely Elijah and Moses, will have super-natural “power” as they proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom for forty-two months (Revelation 11:3). Hundreds of thousands will believe their message of the Lord Jesus being the Messiah of Israel, and Savior of the world (Revelation 7:1-10). However, the majority of the world will not believe. They will hate these witnesses, and try to kill them because they will also perform miracles to punish those who refuse to believe (vs. 6). But until bring their message of eternal life to all the world is complete (Matthew 24:14), they are supernaturally protected and remain undeterred in ministry (Revelation 11:6). Ultimately, the forces of Anti-Christ will slay them and leave their bodies to rot in the street for 3½ days (vss. 7-10). The world will respond to their death with joy and celebration. Then, “the Spirit of life from God” will enter the two witnesses (vs. 11). The Lord’s audible voice will command they “come up hither” (vs. 12), and all the world will see them ascend into the heavens. This event will be so stunningly jaw-dropping that great fear will fall upon all the unsaved.

Throughout history, God has always maintained His testimony to lost souls through human servants. Today, we who have trusted in Christ alone for eternal life must fulfill our mission of sharing the message of eternal life to a lost world. Regardless of resistance, hatred, or persecution, this is our primary purpose for being here after salvation. Report for duty.

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