Lesson 21: The Vilest of the Vile – Daniel 11:21-35

by Pastor Ricky Kurth

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The king of the north in Syria will die (v. 19 cf. Ps. 37:35, 36) and be replaced by a king who will raise taxes “in the glory of the kingdom,” i.e., the “glorious kingdom” of Israel (cf. 11:16).  When you conquer a people, you don’t tax your own people (cf. Mt. 17:25, 26)!  His mysterious death is probably caused by Antichrist, whom Gabriel mentions in the next verse (v. 21).  He won’t kill him to become Syria’s next king, but to rise to prominence so he can become king of Israel, the kingdom he’ll obtain “by flatteries,” not murder.  We know Psalm 55:21 speaks of him because of what it says in verse 20.  He may use the type of flattery that a type of Antichrist used in II Samuel 15:2-6, and say to Israel, “It’s not good or right that the people of God should be taxed by Syria.  If an Assyrian like me were made king of Israel, I’d put a stop to it!”  But in the middle of the Tribulation, this Assyrian will “flood” Israel with armies since they refused the “soft waters” of Christ (Isa. 8:6-8).  But since Bible prophecy always jumps around in the timeline of history, in verse 23 Gabriel says he will first work “deceitfully” before he floods Israel with armies.  He can’t deceive the very elect, but he’ll deceive enough people to raise a “small people” of followers (cf. 8:9).  When he “peaceably” (v. 24) makes that covenant guaranteeing Israel’s peace, Jews will be so grateful they’ll give him the “fattest” lands in Israel.  Obtaining the kingdom of Israel peaceably is something verse 24 says his fathers were never able to do.  They obtained it by war (11:16).  He’ll “scatter” the “spoil” of the riches he takes from Israel among his fathers in Syria, then begin to forecast some devices against the strongholds (v. 24).  The dictionary says that means he’ll start scheming up schemes against the strongholds in Egypt to the south (v. 25), who will somehow be vastly rich in that day.  With that much money, Egypt will raise “a very great and mighty army.”  So how come they lose the war to Syria, who only has a “great” army?  Because the specific device Antichrist will forecast against the king of Egypt will be to get his trusted friends to kill him (v. 26).  Once he’s dead, his armies will “overflow” into the streets in the chaos that often follows a king’s assassination and “many” will be the “slain” in Egypt.  But we know the king of Egypt will just be reaping what he sowed, for in verse 27 Gabriel jumps back into his past to show that he was as sneaky as Antichrist!  They’ll sit at a “table” to discuss how to bring peace to the world, but “mischief” will be in their hearts (cf. Ps. 28:3).  No plan for world peace will “prosper” until the “end” when the Prince of Peace establishes His kingdom.  Before Antichrist leaves Egypt, he connives her king out of some of his “riches” that he’ll “return” to Syria with, but he’ll be back for more.  But he gets enough to do exploits, which is defined as something that makes you famous—like turning on a nation you promised to protect!  We know that’s the exploit he’ll do because verse 28 also says he’s tiring of the covenant he made promising to protect Israel.  “At the time appointed” (v. 29) —midTrib—he’ll go back to Egypt, but not like the former time when he went with a great army, and not like the latter time when he went sneakily to connive the king out of some riches.  When it says he’ll go “toward the south” instead of “toward the king of the south,” we know he’ll attack Egypt this time by conquering Israel to the south on his way.  It will start when ships from “Chittim” come against him.  Chittim is named after Kittim in Europe, where Japheth settled (Gen. 10:1-4).  When Balaam predicted this attack, he said Egypt will also attack “Eber” or Israel (Num. 24:24).  Wanting to protect Syria more than Israel, he’ll join Egypt in that attack on Israel.  His “intelligence” agents will find Jews willing to forsake the covenant (v. 30), and the ten kings who’ll side with him will take up arms for him (v. 31).  With Europe, plus 10 kingdoms, plus traitors in Israel siding with him, Israel won’t stand a chance.  That vast host will be given to Antichrist to take away the daily sacrifice (v. 31 cf. 8:12).  Saved Jews will do “exploits” of their own (v. 32), like the ones the Lord sent the 12 to do before the mystery interrupted all this, i.e., casting out devils and healing, etc., exploits that will make them as famous as they made the Lord.  They’ll also “instruct” or teach people what the Lord sent the 12 to teach (Mt. 28:20).  As they begin to “fall” God will “holpen” or help them (v. 34) by causing the earth to swallow up that “flood” of armies (Rev. 12:15, 16).  That’s when Antichrist’s persecution will go underground as he causes spies to “cleave” to the Jews (v. 34 cf. Rev. 2:9).  Israel will need the purging of verse 35, for not all the Jews doing those exploits will be saved (Heb. 6:4-6).

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