When I Say Goodbye

by Pastor J. C. O'Hair

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When to this world I say goodbye, Whether Christ shall come or I shall die;
I shall not fear my future state, Nor yet resign my soul to fate;
‘Tis neither boast no carnal pride, Nor natural worth I have inside;
My trust is not in human creeds, Nor in my good religious deeds.

If man, by works, could heaven gain, Then ‘tis true, Christ died in vain.
There was no power on earth could save, Nor offer hope beyond the grave.
Salvation is from heaven above; God’s book declares that God is love.
God loved the world and sent His Son To die for sinners, for every one.

Christ tasted death for every man: It was God’s own redemption plan.
On Calvary’s cross the debt was paid, For there on Christ our sins were laid.
In death the Saviour bowed His head, There His precious blood was shed.
God has for sin no other cure. By Christ’s shed blood the way is sure.

When Christ had put our sin away, In Joseph’s tomb His body lay.
But on the third day Christ arose To conquer thereby all His foes;
Then He ascended through the sky To take His Father’s throne on high.
Now in the Father’s presence there Unceasing is the Saviour’s prayer.

Still He prays, “All Thine are Mine,” Forever kept by power Divine.
Christ promised to prepare a place For all who will receive His grace.
Some day the age of grace will end; The Lord from heaven shall descend.
The dead in Christ will hear the shout, And from their graves they will come out.

The living saints shall with them rise, And meet the Saviour in the skies;
And we shall then His glory see, And like the Saviour we shall be.
When we reach our heavenly home, Throughout the ages yet to come,
God’s grace in Christ the saints shall know, For God has promised this to show.

Eternal life, God’s gift, is free ‘Tis all by grace for you and me.
So in God’s Word I rest my case, Trusting His unfailing grace.
God cannot lie, His Word is sure; And in His Son I am secure,
Because Christ’s work has satisfied, And by that work I’m justified.

God has pardoned every sin; My hope of glory, Christ within.
I am prepared my God to meet, For in His Son I am complete,
And sealed unto redemption day. So if by death, or I’m caught away.
I shall not fear my future state, But, loving Christ, I’ll serve and wait.

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For more articles by Pastor J. C. O'Hair, visit the J. C. O'Hair Online Library.