The Influential Writings of C. R. Stam

by Pastor Joe Watkins

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(Pastor Joe Watkins is the Executive Director of Things to Come Mission.)

Cornelius R. Stam went to be with the Lord on March 9, 2003. Perhaps the greatest contribution Pastor Stam made to the church and missions was through his prolific writing ministry. During his 70 year ministry, he authored more than 30 books on numerous biblical subjects.

The ministry of Things to Come Mission, in several countries of the world, was started when nationals were sent Pastor Stam’s books. The ministry in the Philippines was started when Brother J. H. Palmer sent Pastor Stam’s books and pamphlets to Brother Juan Undag. Juan and others in the Philippines became convinced that what they read in Pastor Stam’s books was the truth for today. That truth was the key to understanding the Bible. The truth of II Timothy 2:15—rightly dividing the Word of Truth. This group of Filipino believers and pastors wrote to Brother Palmer asking him to send a missionary to the Philippines to start Things to Come Mission and teach this truth.

In January 1958, Brother Vernon Anderson and family arrived in the Philippines to begin Things to Come Mission. My wife and I joined them in October 1958. Over the years many other missionaries followed.

Today there are over 500 national churches, 5 Bible Institutes (Pastor Stam’s books are used as textbooks), hundreds of trained pastors and Bible women, plus Filipino missionaries serving in Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Africa.

Things to Come Mission has given thousands of Pastor Stam’s books to national pastors and leaders in Kenya, the Philippines, Brazil (translated booklets), Indonesia, Australia and other countries of the world. And we will continue to send these works out as the Lord provides. TCM has greatly benefited by the writings of Pastor Stam.

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