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Watch Transformed By Grace

Transformed By Grace is a television program produced by the Berean Bible Society. Pastor Kevin Sadler presents the transforming power of God’s grace each Monday – Wednesday and Fridays at 6 pm Eastern time on the Christian Television Network (DirecTV 376, Dish 267, Glory Star Satellite 117). Past programs can be seen on the website, Youtube, Roku and Apple TV.

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Booklet: Unanswered Prayer

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Paperback: Rightly Divided Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Rightly Divided Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, is a paperback 248-page book, written by Pastor Ricky Kurth…

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Paperback: Two Minutes With the Bible

Two Minutes with the Bible, A Daily Devotional, is a paperback 366-page book, written by Cornelius R. Stam…

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