A Christmas Poem

by Pastor J. C. O'Hair

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Christ Jesus came from heaven above the Scriptures to fulfill;
He came because of God’s great love; to do His Father’s will.
In Israel’s land the virgin’s Child was born as David’s Seed,
Holy, harmless, undefiled, in thought, in word, in deed.

The sinless Christ, because Divine, was full of truth and grace,
He proved His claim by word and sign, a witness to His race.
Messiah came unto His own, and perhaps we’ve wondered why
Christ was born for David’s throne and yet was born to die.

“Peace on earth” He came to bring, if Israel would repent;
They received Him not as Christ the King; nor the messengers He sent.
Elect and precious Corner Stone, by prophets long foretold,
Despised, rejected by His own; for thirty pieces sold.

He wept for Israel and their land, but their rulers, filled with hate,
Gave Him into Pilate’s hand to meet His cruel fate,
Surrounded by the hissing crowd, the Lord was crucified;
And on the tree He cried aloud; “finished”; then He died.

There on Him our sins were laid, when the Saviour bowed His Head;
The guilty sinner’s debt was paid when His precious blood was shed.
He who came to seek and save, the sinner’s sins to bear,
Was buried in the rich man’s grave; but His spirit was not there.

Nor did His body go to dust, nor His soul in hell remain;
Conquer death the Saviour must; and so He rose again.
Ascended, seated far above in heaven’s highest place
The Spirit tells of God’s great love. His more abounding grace.

What wondrous love! What grace Divine! redemption full and free;
By faith I’ve made this Saviour mine and God’s accepted me.
Perhaps you too have made this choice, have assurance, joy and peace
And in this glorious hope rejoice, in a life that shall not cease.

No worth, no merit of our own, not works lest man should boast,
But justified by grace alone, our earnest the Holy Ghost.
Believing saints with Christ are dead; with Christ in God they hide;
Complete in Christ, our risen Head; faith hope and love abide.

Members of that Body one, whose greatest gift is love;
Identified with God’s dear Son and seated far above,
Our Father wants us all to know our high and holy place
In future ages He will show the riches of His Grace.

That Grace sufficient here below as we do our Father’s will;
Sufficient as we undergo what comes that seemeth ill.
In glory we shall yet appear; we labor not in vain;
If unashamed we suffer here, with Christ we’ll surely reign.

The sufferings here cannot compare with the glory then revealed
Forgotten every woe and care and every heartache healed.
With patience then let’s run the race, looking to Christ above
Depending on God’s matchless grace; filled with hope and love.

Many precious souls still lost exchange their Christmas cheers,
Unmindful of the awful cost; Christless, yet no fears.
Receive the gift, believe and live, sinner, hear the call;
The Christ of Christmas longs to give eternal life to all.

For more articles by Pastor J. C. O'Hair, visit the J. C. O'Hair Online Library.